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NOTE: Some charges may have an additional $35 bail bond filing fee paid to the court in cash or a money order.

Bail Bond - Appeal Bonds


Misdemeanors, including traffic cases
Felonies, including Class A, B, C, or D



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Bail Bond - Appearance Bonds

Misdemeanors, including traffic cases
Felonies, including Class A, B, C, or D

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A criminal case appeal bond is posted through the court to transfer the case to a higher court. An attorney will advise you whether to request a jury trial or a bench trial. As bondsman are not attorneys, we can not give legal advice as to your choice of a jury trial or bench trial, but it is required to indicate your choice on the document when filing in the court.

When an individual has been found guilty, whether by trial or a stipulate and appeal, a surety appeal bond may be required by the judge to stop or delay enforcement of the sentence, and to carry the conviction to a higher court for review with the potential for a completely new trial. Please be aware that there is mandatory period during which the appeal must be filed. We are not responsible for your failure to file the bond within the required period.

NOTE: At this time, appeal bonds do not carry a $35 bail bond filing fee.

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