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Jefferson County-Bessemer Bail Bonds

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Gardendale Bail Bonds

Trussville Bail Bonds and nearby

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Columbiana Bail Bonds, Alabaster Bail Bonds,

Shelby County Bail Bonds, and nearby

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Call or come see us for a variety of services ranging from appearance to appeal bonds.

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bail bonds - A & S Bail Bonding Co, inc.

in AlabaMA                       205-251-0479


Call us today  @ +1 205-251-0479 or 205-251-BAIL (2245)

for Birmingham bail service in the Alabama metro area. A bail bondsman is also available as shown above.

Serving you for bail bonds 40 years in the Birmingham METRO area

(main office across from Birmingham City jail)

When friends or family are in need of a bail bond, things do not need to be made more difficult.  We have agents available to assist you.  We do our best to provide service beyond what is required and hope you will remember our name when someone you know needs our services.

A bail bond is needed when someone either has a warrant issued for them or has been arrested, and a bond has been set to guarantee the appearance(s) in court until the case is handled rather than staying in jail awaiting trial. We charge a fee based on the bond amount and charges and are ready to help. We are just a telephone call away.

And, yes, we do accept major credit and debit cards.

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